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Hire a Webmaster

The Internet is growing more and more and small businesses understand the power of the internet and how much can constitute important part in the marketing and in the promotion of their businesses. As an owner of a small business the cost of employing a full-time webmaster is not an economic solution. Kosnet.gr is here and can help you. Providing web services management ( webmaster ) economically and in as you choose  with hourly or in conventional base. We will help you with the complicated and time consuming tasks of your website so you can focus on your business activities.

We provide web services management ( webmaster ) which include the following but are not limited:
  • Maintenance and upgrade the website as you ask
  • Help in the renewal of your Domain Name
  • Transfer to a new server or hosting space
  • Add additional Domain Name
  • Add new articles and news
  • Search engine optimization for your website
  • Script installations
  • Backup and protect valuable information of your website
  • Monitoring of traffic and statistics

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